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Visitors in Delhi Zoo Witness Horrific Incident as Tiger Kills Teenager

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Visitors in Delhi Zoo Witness Horrific Incident as Tiger Kills Teenager

September 24
17:34 2014

tiger manNew Delhi, Wednesday, September 24 – In a horrifying incident, a white tiger killed 19-year-old Maqsood, who inadvertently fell into its enclosure at a Delhi Zoo early noontime on Tuesday. As reported by several eyewitnesses, the teenager jumped over 2.5 feet high barrier. Perhaps he failed to maintain the balance and fell into a moat just a few meters away from the tiger, named Vijay.

Soon after finding Maqsood into the enclosure, the tiger reached him as early as possible. Since the entire hair-raising episode was recorded live on many mobile phone cameras, videos surfaced soon after it. The recording showed how a 200 kg beast continuously looked at the youth for almost 10 minutes prior mauling him to death.

Maqsood, who was an inhabitant of Anand Parbat in Delhi, is clearly seen clasping his hands and appeared to be praying while being in front of the animal, who did not harm him until a stone was pelted (with the intention to draw tiger’s attention to another place and help Maqsood run away). But this angered the bulky beast and he started attacking the youngster with his paws.

In next to no time, he took his head in mouth and dragged him up to some distance which took the life of a young man. His untimely death gave birth to a major question – could quick steps by zoo authorities have saved his life and are officials ready to tackle with such situation in future? Rumor has it that Maqsood was quoted mentally ill by his parents.


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