Real Tickle Tickle: Providing Cozy and Organic Clothing For Babies and Toddlers

October 05 00:28 2022

We’re Real Tickle Tickle, a clothing brand for babies and toddlers, providing organic clothes for your kids. The main aim of our products is to provide gender-neutral essential clothing that doesn’t involve any use of chemical dyes.

How do we do this? We make our clothes from organic cotton. Using this type of cotton assures that our clothing is comfortable and safe for your kid while being environmentally-friendly.

Additionally, we don’t use dye or inorganic colors, meaning these clothes won’t lose their shine after several washes. This means that your kids can use our clothes for a very long time and can be worn daily during any season.

Why Choose Our Organic Clothing for Your Kids?

The most common types of kids’ clothing are made out of conventionally grown cotton. To explain, when cotton is grown conventionally, the material you get is highly chemical and pesticide-intensive.

Not only does it harm the soft skin of your toddlers, but kids that have the habit of biting their clothes might also consume them. It massively affects the health and growth of your kids.

On the other hand, our clothing is made of organic cotton grown safely without toxic dyes and other harmful chemicals. To assure you, we ensure that the cotton we use is approved by globally certified bodies like Global Organic Textile Standards and OEKO-TEX ®.

We also assure that the cotton grown from farmlands follows these standards:

● Minimal water consumption

● More use of recycled water

● Efficient waste management and consumption

● Farmers are provided with fair wages and better livelihood

This means you not only play a part in protecting the environment but also ensure that your child’s sensitive skin is protected.

Our Line of Products

At Real Tickle Tickle, we ensure all your clothing needs for your children are met. As a result, we feature a wide range of products consisting of baby/toddler clothing, gift sets, and silicone teethers.


The ideal outfit for newborns and toddlers, we offer a wide range of adorable bodysuits for your child. We highly recommend getting them as the snaps and buttons make it easier for you to clean up their messes.

Bibs and Burp Cloths

It isn’t straightforward to feed a baby, and it’s not fun to clean up later. To avoid this, we offer soft and comfortable bandana bibs to prevent any food scraps from falling on your kid’s clothes.

On top of that, we also provide burp cloths and facecloths to wipe any food stains off your kid’s face. All of these accessories are made from natural cotton to ensure it’s safe to use on your child’s delicate skin.


Keep your child’s precious feet covered with a pair of soft and comfortable booties. It’s always recommended to cover their legs to ensure their feet don’t get cold and dirty.


Keep your baby’s head warm and comfortable by waking them to wear these caps made of organic cotton. It makes your little ones look adorable and keeps them warm and safe during winter.


Babies can have sharp fingernails that can easily scratch and damage their skin. To avoid this, make them wear our soft organic cotton mittens. Additionally, they keep your kid’s hands warm, preventing them from getting a cold.


The ideal onesies for your babies during their bedtime, we feature a wide range of sleepsuits for your kids and toddlers to wear. They’re a popular choice because babies can’t accidentally remove them while they’re sleeping. It ensures that your kid stays safe and warm at night and sleeps well.

Sleeping Bags

Since babies roll all over the place while sleeping, you can’t rely on a blanket to keep them warm at night. To help you out, we provide cosy and warm sleeping bags for your children.

These sleeping bags function as a wearable blanket, which means your baby can’t kick them off in the middle of the night. This helps to regulate the baby’s temperature, preventing them from catching a cold or overheating.


Babies need to be comfortable when they are placed in a swaddle. To help you out, we provide a wide range of comfortable and organic swaddle wraps. They’re made of organic cotton to ensure your baby doesn’t get rashes from the cloth, protecting their skin.


Our rompers are the most versatile piece of clothes your toddler can wear. They’re unisex, and your kid can wear them baggy, tight, or just right. These rompers also feature fasteners making it easy for you to change their nappies.

Shorts and Tee Set

Our cute gender-neutral sets will look adorable on your little ones. The shorts with a soft elastane waistband and matching T-Shirt are both adorned in our signature, Wild Maple. These essential sets combine both cuteness and durability of everyday clothing, perfect for all-season wear. Made from wonder fabric with 100% organic muslin that is breathable, super light and gets softer with every wash.

Purchase Our Products For Your Baby Now!

Now that you know about our wide range of organic products for babies and toddlers, it’s time for you to consider purchasing them. Fortunately, you can check and buy our products on the Tinkle Tinkle website!

Along with the products mentioned above, we also provide gift sets that are perfect for parents with newborn babies. Now, it’s time for you to choose from our wide range of exceptional clothes and accessories by going to our online store now!

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