800 Breadfruit Trees Planted with 15 New Farming Families in Costa Rica

800 Breadfruit Trees Planted with 15 New Farming Families in Costa Rica

September 26
09:12 2022
Jungle Project is investing in trees and training to help farming communities empower themselves. This will have a huge long-term impact on the livelihoods of future generations and the environment. It is their mission to help to protect vulnerable communities from hunger and malnourishment, while protecting the environment too. This month we celebrate the planting of 800 breadfruit trees and 5,000 companion trees with 15 farming families in Pejivalle, Costa Rica.

Los Angeles, California, USA – September 26, 2022 – Jungle Project has teamed up with Kiss the Ground (KTG) to scale their “Trees, Training & Trade Campaign.” With donations and grants from individuals and NGO’s like Alter Eco Foundation, and KTG as the fiscal sponsor, Jungle Project is able to expand the regenerative agricultural program’s impact reach.


Jungle Project partners with farming families to establish agroforestry systems (i.e., edible forests with many plants growing together in harmony) with a focus on breadfruit trees. Breadfruit is a superb and largely untapped food source that can feed billions of people while drawing down carbon. One breadfruit tree can feed an entire family for generations. Many value-added products can be made from these agroforestry systems, such as breadfruit flour, which can be used to make pastas, crackers, sweet and savory pastries and many more nutritious and tasty dishes.

Since its inception, Jungle Project’s mission has been to provide a community-based agroforestry model by planting trees and training farmers. By creating a market for the farmers’ products, Jungle establishes a model for the sustainable growth of the emerging supply chain that serves small farmers, consumers, and the planet. Our first large customer, Patagonia Provisions, has produced crackers with Jungle’s breadfruit flour.

“80% of the world’s most impoverished people live near the equator. Once a breadfruit tree is planted it takes a mere fraction of the effort to care for in comparison to rice or wheat. And it yields enough of a harvest that farmers can turn a profit and provide plenty of food for their own families and local communities with the surplus.”
– Paul Zink, CEO of Jungle Project

If you are interested in learning more about our tree planting and farmer training program and how you can donate or get involved, reach out to Gustavo Ángulo, Co-founder at Jungle Project. ([email protected])

If you’d like to learn more about using breadfruit flour and other regenerative ingredients, reach out to Paul Zink. ([email protected])


Jungle Project is a regenerative enterprise dedicated to trees, training, and trade. Through the promotion of its tropical agroforestry model, they establish and research under-utilized crops like breadfruit.

Learn More: JungleProject.com.

Watch Video About Breadfruit and Jungle Project


Kiss the Ground is a 501(c)3 environmental nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California addressing climate change through the regeneration of soil.

Learn More: KisstheGround.com.

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