An Outstanding Young Scientist: Meet Karina Semenov

An Outstanding Young Scientist: Meet Karina Semenov

August 10
01:24 2022

The Fellows of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited are pleased to introduce Ms. Karina Semenov (BS, Kansas) to the rank of Visiting Junior Fellow of Natural Philosophy with a 1-year nonrenewable appointment while she pursues admission to medical programs in the USA.

Athanasian Hall Don Dr Jonathan Kenigson, FRSA submits that “Karina is one of the most exceptional students I have met in my academic career. She began an independent study of immunology at the age of 12 and completed very advanced studies in mathematics under my guidance. In my estimation, she is certainly one of the top graduates of the University of Kansas System. At the age of 19, she has greater scientific promise than some early-career researchers that I have met in the USA and UK.”

Karina developed an early interest in Neurosurgery and seeks admission to a top MD program in the United States. According to Kenigson, “I have authorized her designation as a Visiting Fellow working from Kansas. I have no doubt that she will be a dynamic surgeon or medical researcher or possibly both. She certainly could pursue graduate studies in either Mathematics or Physics at a leading department… she has that ability. But her talents will be well employed in the medical field, where I sincerely hope she can pioneer new techniques for patients around the world. It would be my pleasure to recommend this young lady to any faculty. I wholeheartedly believe that she merits admission and full financial support at an MD program or a combined MD/PhD program.”

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