Celebrating the official establishment of ENURI UK branch

August 02 20:11 2022

In celebration of the establishment of enuri UK branch and hoping that enuri will establish branches around the world as soon as possible.

ENURI is a multi-industry global shopping company founded in May 1998 and incorporated on October 14, 1999. ENURI started its transformat in April 2019 with the establishment of a new online shopping platform aimed at providing employment opportunities for everyone and increasing product sales. Let more and more people understand and participate in online shopping.


ENURI has long-term partnerships with allegro, ebay, Walmart and Amazon.

Because of the COVID-19, everyone’s travel is becoming more and more difficult. Within one year from 2021 to 2022, the number of online shopping has increased by 100 million. enuri keeps up with globalization trends on August 2022, the opening of the US branch with an investment of £ 1 million will be the first step towards a global business.

Because of the COVID-19 many people lost their jobs. ENURI added 5 million users in half a year and provided employment opportunities for 1 million people.


British legal person: Kim Gi-beom, the company will set up branches in Turkey and the United States to realize the globalization and international development of ENURI. In the next three months, it is hoped that 10 million users will be added, providing employment opportunities for more people.

Since its establishment, ENURI has won numerous awards, and has also been awarded the “Best Enterprise Title” by users.

ENURl is headquartered in South Korea and has 3,000 employees. In the next three months, the company hopes to double the number of users. In the days to come, ENURI will develop together with every user. Welcome to visit our headquarters in Korea.

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