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May 11 21:34 2022

The World’s Most Expensive Photograph, Church Grounds, part of RISING STAR’s collection I Met Jesus. The collection includes world class pieces, from a Multi-Billion Dollar Sketchbook {10 Billion US Dollars} to several Billion Dollar Digital Images all crafted to perfection. The photograph depicts a parochial, rural church immersed in deep vegetation. The powerful white color of the religious building together with that of the sky displays a truly beautiful piece. The white color in turn blends with the greens splendidly, creating the ambience of nature and the vast world it inhabits.

In line with RISING STAR’s high tier collective of Christian artwork, the photograph is accompanied with many rare pieces. The ultra rare I Met Jesus collection includes over 100 exclusive photographs {shot by RISING STAR Main Director James Dennis and team photographers}. Each photograph showcases high tier artistic aspects. To further authenticate the originality of the idea, a screenshot of Church Grounds’ first announcement {Autumn 2020} was introduced at the start of the photograph’s public presentation and is for sale courtesy of the house as The World’s Most Expensive Screenshot. Each photograph in RISING STAR collections are classified with a special rarity known as {absolute percentile rarity} {Unlimited Percentile} {EARTHLING UNLIMITED Original Terms} {meaning among the utmost first .1% of a kind; or only to exist}. The house artworks consist of world class literary work composed of books, poetry and word inventions {additions to language}.

The photograph was first listed with an asking price of 32 Million USD then changed to 33 Million USD by Jesus.

The World’s Most Expensive Photograph {1 Billion US Dollar Temporary Ownership Contract after sale} {11-figure plus contract options} {Unique Terms}.

Priceless Sketchbook {Temporary Ownership Contract 3 Billion US Dollars} [Starting Price]

Secret Poetry Collection {Destroying Principalities and over 100 writings} {Worth 13-figures}

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All art rights are exclusively reserved to RISING STAR.

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