Acts Freedom Farm of America acts for the Veteran’s support group regarding funding and investment options

September 30 21:52 2021

Many Veterans leave the Armed Services without receiving the support they need to activate decent jobs, obtain training, secure housing, and receive quality medical care. All too often they are abandoned with minimal to no guidance on how to go on with their lives, after serving.

Acts Freedom Farms of America has announced their unique, master-planned, hi-tech agricultural estates that will begin in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Vinton, Iowa; and Chandler, Texas. The organization is looking forward to raising donations for veterans.

The organization’s mission is to set new standards for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for honorably discharged US Military personnel, Veterans, and their families.

ActsFFA(™) offers unique opportunities that will provide rewarding futures, where multiple career paths related to prior military experience can translate into high quality, good paying jobs and even business ownership. “At Acts we believe that it is the country’s, state’s and civilian’s responsibility to donate to veterans programs to show support in appreciation for their sacrifice, so they can return to live regular lives after their service.

Acts FFA encourages donor participation as they prepare veteran-owned businesses and career opportunities through generous veteran donations. Acts Freedom Farms is proud to employ and support all honorably discharged veterans and their families by providing unique work-life options.

Produce on Demand from Acts Freedom Farms of America is an agricultural growing environment that produces among the highest productivity levels, while using energy, efficiently and responsibly. 

Additionally, Acts FFA is the first live/work community to feature state-of-the-art Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) practices. Growing our way boosts productivity and returns on capital investment by maximizing the use of acreage, water, labor, and equipment compared to traditional land-based farming.

CEA food production methods include hydroponics, vertical farming, along with a variety of unique “indoor farming” or “under-cover cultivation” methods. This process eliminates weather-related dangers while also removing the constraints of seasonal growing procedures, allowing for year-round output.

There are several job prospects for Veterans in this emerging food producing industry. When it comes to assisting Military and Veteran families, Acts FFA is prepared and ready to swing into action wherever they are needed.

Acts FFA is committed to helping former Service Members and Veterans improve their standard of living, by providing meaningful professional opportunities, and support for their families.

Individual investments and generous donations will assist this organization in accomplishing critical milestones, allowing them to embrace and help as many Military members as possible. Retiring veterans, and those who have served in the past, and their families, require assistance in various other forms, as well. Thus, the organization will build live/work High Tech agriculture villages with housing, jobs,  holistic wellness clinics, and vital business services to support the community.

Acts FFA will use a range of instruments and unique ways to assist with raising finances, including the acceptance of donations to veterans, investments, loans, and  in-kind professional services, as well as, their dedicated members’ own skill sets. At this point, their most valuable asset is qualified human capital, which Acts FFA will cultivate and train. Fortunately, their vast and growing team is rich with passion and expertise in wide variety of fields, which will aid in their success.

They are confident in their logistics; Acts FFA only needs assistance with financing, which can be supported by generous veteran’s donations! Take action today, support Acts FFA here and visit:, to learn more about everything we offer and for further information as to how you can help serve our VETS the best!             

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