Amerigo Scientific Launches BmrA Transporter for Research Use

September 30 00:12 2021
Amerigo Scientific introduces BmrA Transporter for life science community.

New York, USA – September 29, 2021 – Amerigo Scientific, a distribution company focused on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science research communities, now introduces BmrA Transporter for life science community. These new BmrA transporters are powerful therapeutic targets for multi-drug resistance studies, and are ideal for therapeutic indications such as bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Membrane transport proteins are involved in nutrient capture, antibiotic efflux, protein secretion, toxin production, photosynthesis, oxidative phosphorylation, and other vital functions in all organisms from microbe to humans. Transporters govern cellular influx and efflux of drugs as well and are responsible for drug resistance. BmrA transporter (Bacilus subtilis multidrug resistance ABC transporter ATP-binding Protein) is an efflux protein and ABC transporter that acts as a mechanical pump for ATP dependent drug efflux. This unique characteristic makes BmrA transporters a powerful therapeutic target for multi-drug resistance studies.

Amerigo Scientific now provides BmrA transporters for the research community to support scientific projects. Amerigo Scientific’s BmrA transporters are able to aid in the exploration, improvement, validation of novel molecules and therapeutic antibodies. The BmrA transporters are excellent for therapeutic indications such as bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

This new BmrA transporters is an supplement to Amerigo Scientific’s Proteins product portfolio. Actually, Amerigo Scientific offers multiple types of high purified proteins for researchers to meet any research needs, including high-quality purified membrane proteins involved in a wide range of diseases for many discovery programs, and membrane protein detergents and reagents for discovery projects to improve the poor solubilization rate and the weak stability of membrane protein.

“The membrane proteins transporters offered by Amerigo Scientific, including the new BmrA transporters can be used for projects of multi-drug resistance studies involving bacterial resistance to antibiotics. These transporters with high purity and stability can avoid interferences in discovery programs.” said Nina Cooper, Ph.D., the chief scientist at Amerigo Scientific.

“We understand how important quality transporters are to the scientific research community, and thus Amerigo Scientific brings this transporter to researchers, hoping to enable them to continue to process their studies and advance their life science research in discovery programs. It’s our tested expertise that enables us to ensure the highest quality models, and we’re glad to support their meaningful breakthroughs in science research that will benefit all,” added Nina.

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Amerigo Scientific is a distribution company that focuses on providing critical products and services to the biomedical and life science research communities. Although it is a new company, Amerigo Scientific’s founder has had more than 20 years of rich experience in the biomedical and biochemical fields, and has established close contacts with key personnel in top international pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic research institutes, and government research agencies. It has a professional team, as most of its employees own a graduate (Ph.D. or master) degree in life science, so they can understand customers’ questions or concerns and are always ready to provide individualized customer service with high standard.

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