A new era of public chain: Starcoin helps the NFT ecosystem explode

September 29 23:08 2021

Is there a super public chain that can help developers quickly generate NFT without worrying about security risks? Can the uniqueness of NFT be guaranteed? In the future, the world of Metaverse will surely grow exponentially. Is there a leading public chain that can meet the needs of NFT scalability? We can all find the answers to these questions in the star public chain Starcoin.

As the first actual public chain created in the Move language and released to the market, Starcoin drew more than 30 outstanding projects to deploy DApps on the chain within a week of its introduction; it has gathered more than 60,000 users in less than a month. Move language is a Smart Contract language developed by Facebook initially and especially for its project, Libra. Its primary goal is to elevate the status of digital assets. It is going to act as an essential role in Metaverse in the future,and it is a great innovative experiment in the blockchain field. In the coming time, with the official launch of Starcoin’s Swap and liquidity mining platforms, the Starcoin ecosystem will surely reach a new height. Westar Labs, the young development team, will use existing strength to break through the public chain track. As a new generation of public chain infrastructure, Starcoin uses the linear logic Move specially customized for the NFT scenario as the Smart Contract language. In the unique and indivisible NFT scenario, Starcoin has inherent and unique advantages that can help development. It is easy to build safe and reliable NFT applications.

Total transaction volume on the NFT market  OpenSea has surpassed US$4 billion, according to the latest figures. NFTs have been increasingly popular when NBA players Stephen Ku and Mark Cuban, one of the most famous investors in the United States, entered the market.How to better store NFT has become the most concerned issue of ordinary users. NFT shall define as a resource by Starcoin, which takes advantage of unique advances in the original information storage system. In simple words, you could understand it as a 100-yuan banknote with a unique code that allowed it to be unique without being able to forge. With its distinction between resource type and the usual type symbols, Move is not only the first Smart Contract language to ensure NFT uniqueness, but it is also the key to avoiding several security issues. In addition, users can combine NFTs with other elements to generate new NFTs, making NFTs freer and more plastic.

In addition to offering ideal circumstances for NFTs, Starcoin prioritizes providing developers with a user-friendly development environment. NFT is inherently composable in the Starcoin standard NFT protocol due to a unique programming paradigm, which provides the potential for NFT advancement. Currently, GameFi, the merge of gaming and DeFi, is experiencing continual rapid growth and scale expansion. It is one of the NFT landing possibilities. The GameFi is expected to have a market value of $500 billion US dollars by the end of this year. As the industry expands, finding a safe and simple development platform has been the most pressing problem for developers. Developers on Starcoin may design any form of NFT by depending on generic programming parameters. For example in games, developers may sell props in batches using the Starcoin standard NFT protocol without recoding for selling NFT purposes. Developers may conduct general programming in the virtual world’s NFT by moving, arbitrarily assembling, and stacking NFTs. Developers might only need to focus on the business and implement business layer logic on top of the NFT protocol, drastically simplifying and lowering development costs. Through the account model and SIP22 NFT specification in NFT type and NFT composability management, Starcoin overcomes the issue of figure growth and storage explosion. More technical benefits will be available in digital art, gaming objects, membership identification, and purchasing credentials. According to reports, Starcoin’s first NFT market, Cyber Rare, will be formally introduced in October.

Besides establishing the fertile ground for NFT developers, Starcoin’s original aim was to create a large-scale ecosystem that may encompass all the upstream and downstream developers of the whole blockchain sector. While Starcoin’s permissionless public chain allows developers to build for different business directions, such as DEX, Asset-Management (AM), and Lending (LC), it hosts the world’s first Move language community to help developers with their queries. For blockchain investors, Starcoin enables STC Token to represent its worth through forthcoming liquidity mining, lending, IDO, and other situations. Starcoin’s on-chain governance allows users to make ideas for sustainable growth and contribute to Starcoin’s ecological architecture.

Starcoin, as a mainstream public chain, is likewise looking to alter the traditional underlying design. If you’re looking for a more decentralized PoW consensus algorithm, Starcoin has you covered. First, it increases the speed of transactions while also resolving the lack of governance inherent in the PoW consensus mechanism’s one-off operation. Enhancing the efficiency of consensus while maintaining security. As a result of its efficiency, new application scenarios are going to realize in the future. As a result, Starcoin develops and innovates on the standard Account form of payment. As the account data integrates the user profile and the contract profile into a single account, the ownership of the status data can be easily observed, improving user security and enabling billing status.

Starcoin aims to create the world’s most reliable and efficient public chain. It solves the NFT security challenge by leveraging the Move language’s native security performance. The Move generic feature is useful for addressing the issue of NFT scalability. The Starcoin account architecture can address the increasing development of Metaverse assets. Starcoin aims to solve storage problems and provide developers with a better development environment. We feel that Starcoin is only getting started and that it will have limitless potential in the future.

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