FKI accomplishes difficult delivery under coronavirus pandemic

September 29 22:27 2021
• The pandemic outbreak in 2020 made FKI face a stern ordeal

• Created an online delivery with a reverse inspection

Tainan, Taiwan – Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “FKI”) the largest manufacturer of plastic extrusion equipment in Taiwan, received an order of US$5 million for the extrusion lamination machines from an American customer, but unfortunately, due to traffic interruptions caused by lockdowns, the customer side could not dispatch any technicians to come to Taiwan to do the pre-delivery inspection. To solve the problem, FKI mobilized all the personnel in the factory, and installed 30 video cameras around the whole set of 30-meter-long equipment. After synchronizing time difference, an online virtual delivery via videos began. FKI technicians demonstrated complicated operations from checking the specifications to feeding raw materials, and finally to running production. An unprecedented online delivery with a reverse inspection was successfully made.

To facilitate such an online delivery, FKI provided this customer with a digital file which contained comprehensive assembling instructions, complete knowledge of the machines, as well as drawings, texts of the production process. The customer could assemble the whole equipment without resorting to any extra assistance. Having spent half a month communicating with each other, both sides were satisfied with the completed delivery in such a way.

Applied high-end technologies to manufacturing processes

FKI’s CEO, Charles Wei, pointed out, “The sudden outbreak of the pandemic really caught us unprepared. From the beginning, we could only cope with the difficulties by using videos. The pandemic has brought us challenges, but also opportunities. Now we have used more advanced AR technologies to make our deliveries.” Charles Wei found out that AR technologies could help save plenty of travel expenses, and most importantly, the delivery inspection conducted via AR has an effect as comparable as the physical inspection. Because of this understanding, FKI began applying high technologies in all aspects, such as high-end IT design, big data, smart technology systems, and reinforced Industry 4.0. All these will make maintenance easier at the customer side.

To follow the global trends of environmental protection, FKI is now upgrading all facilities, for example replacing polluting oil hydraulic systems with all-electric equipment. There will be more environment friendly manufacturing processes to be used in the future to reduce Co2 emissions. While expecting to reach total pollution-free manufacturing processes, FKI is determined to take wider social responsibility.

FKI was founded by Mr. C.C. Wei 60 years ago. The initial purposes were to focus on exports, especially to Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines. Later, FKI was engaged in manufacturing plastic extrusion equipment of medium-high levels. Their product line includes all-electric extrusion blow molding machines and extrusion lamination machines of which the former accounts for more than 50% revenue. The extrusion blow molding machines are widely used for producing various containers with a capacity as small as 200cc shampoo bottles, and as large as 2,000-litertanks.

At present, FKI’s exports have accounted for 95% of its total revenue, covering five continents, over120 countries.

Serves customers sincerely; satisfies customers’ needs

According to Charles Wei, because of the coronavirus pandemic, last year all industries were hit hard and were still suffering, while FKI had a remarkable growth. Thanks to those longtime customers, who continued to support FKI despite the impact of the pandemic. This has reflected customers’ affirmation of FKI’s excellent services and quality products. In the post-pandemic future, besides serving the customers on the pyramid tip, FKI is planning to expand their production lines, and develop medium-priced products in hopes that more customers in the world may have a chance to enjoy FKI’s quality products at reasonable prices.

“From my father’s generation to my generation, Father has always said that the golden rule of running a business is trust and sincerity. It has always been in my mind that to treat every customer as our long-term cooperating partner,” Charles Wei said. With accumulation of 60 years’ high credibility, valuable export experience, and extensive R&D, plus customized products to serve customers sincerely, FKI has long obtained customers’ confidence.

Charles Wei added, “The key to manufacture high-quality equipment lies in its sturdiness and durability. An instant response to customers’ needs will certainly make customers evaluate his investment positively. When our customers are to replace their equipment, we expect that their first image to appear in their mind is FKI’s logo.”

Having experienced in this industry for 60 years, FKI continues to develop new technologies, and provide customers with products to their satisfaction, as well as excellent after-services. While working hard with their slogan in mind, “Quality goes first; R&D keeps abreast,” FKI will certainly obtain more support from their customers.

400mpm PE/PP co-extrusion lamaintion machine for flexible packaging film

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