UNI.xyz, has launched a Masterclass for Architects & Designers in partnership with Cybertecture Academy and Futurly.

September 29 22:20 2021
UNI.xyz, has launched a Masterclass for Architects & Designers in partnership with Cybertecture Academy and Futurly.

James law as the lead mentor of Cybertecture Masterclass
In an attempt to open new avenues of change and prepare young designers and architects for a better future, UNI.xyz, partners with “James Law Cybertecture” and “Futurly” to bring its first interactive masterclass.

“Cybertecture Masterclass” is a four-month-long Interactive Online Design Masterclass taught personally by visionary architect James Law where every detail about Cybertecture philosophy will be explored. 

Cybertecture – coined by James Law – is an evolving architecture and design style merged with recent trends and developments in technology, multimedia, and cyber activities. It aims at a new synergy between design and technology that allows for everyday activities to become something more powerful and empowering to the user.  

The workshop takes participants on a journey through four different modules: Pod Architecture, Robotic Cities and the Cyber Republic, and Cybertecture Realm and interactive sessions with both theoretical and discursive learning along with skill-based and software learning. 

Humanity is undergoing a new renaissance due to a rapid change on this planet. The need to alleviate suffering for all segments of society is urgent. By merging typologies with crafted technologies at the micro and macro level, the masterclass seeks to teach solutions, methodologies, and most of all innovative thinking for relevant issues like the housing crisis, climate change, integration of global cultures, and much more through its collaborative and dynamic nature.  

During the sessions, participants will not only learn about Cybertecture but also develop new skills in presentation techniques and software methodologies like  Rhino + grasshopper modeling Houdini workflows, Virtual entities in Sansar through Futurly instructors. 

One in all, it is an excellent educational opportunity for learning practical applications to solve real problems of the present and unprecedented future.  From 2nd September 2021- December ‘21, the masterclass aims at inculcating young students with dynamic design education they would miss in their design school. Each module in the masterclass is a 5-day online workshop topped with a competition for practical application of the knowledge learned.

Learners will walk away with an in-depth understanding of a new architectural language through weekly interactions with top mentors and module end rewards like a Virtual Internship with James Law Cybertecture, cash price worth 2000$ USD, and much more. 

To learn more about the “Cybertecture masterclass”, please visit https://masterclass.uni.xyz

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About James Law Cybertecture

James Law Cybertecture provides leading edge architecture design, interior design, planning consultancy services, research, design & build, and product design services for clients and projects of a wide range of types and complexity in Hong Kong, China, and internationally.

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Futurly is the global education platform for architects and designers. We are creating a network for people pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in architecture and design. Futurly is a vibrant community fueled by workshops, events, courses, and the desire to learn something new, every day.

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