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September 29 11:17 2021

India – September 28th, 2021 – With a rising uncertainty in the global economy, accelerating digital growth and transformation continues to be a business mantra for businesses and organisations seeking to create long-term sustainable growth, secure a competitive edge and understand continuously evolving customer expectations. The innate requirement to physically distance for one’s safety has accelerated the need for continuous digital interaction, online work management and new AI powered technology platforms. This rapid shift in industry dynamics has merged the boundaries between businesses, industries and organisations leading to the emergence of AI powered digital transformation ecosystems.

[Arjun Ahuja – CFO Intraglobe]

Intraglobe CFO Arjun Ahuja says “The gradually accelerating pace of digital transformation has accelerated over the last 1 year, resulting in many CIOs and IT leaders to transform their organizations through the change by solving critical technology operations and driving innovations faster. Apart from this, the organizations and businesses that want to innovate more than to just run bottomline business operations, their IT and business teams combined, must compulsorily adapt to a joint collaboration model so as to rapidly grow and scale digital transformation and innovation within the organisation”.

As part of successfully creating a digital transformation strategy, businesses & organizations have to understand the different scalability levels to be negotiated and clearly understand where they lie on the growth curve. These growth curves are based on the digital transformation strategies a business has developed and the level of transformational impact it creates. There are three digital transformation growth levels to start with: digital transformation initiator mode, digital transformation growth mode, and digital transformation scalability mode.

Almost all organizations start at the digital transformation initiator mode, where the digital transformation of an organization is at the base level and is limited to a particular geographical market or business unit. The transformation initiative may be in the form of a demo program, or the company leveraging partnerships and cloud platforms to drive value for its customers.

The next gradual step is the digital transformation growth mode, where the businesses and organizations scale the internal digital transformation to an industry level, by adding better AI powered digitization capabilities and creating value from the cloud based platform economy. This can absolutely disrupt the respective industry of the company in a positive manner, as it redefines how business is conducted by being an industry leader.

In the last step, businesses and organizations attain digital transformation scalability mode, that drives topline AI powered digital transformations across multiple industries, creating cross-industry collaboration and AI powered deep-tech capabilities simultaneously across multiple parts of the organisation’s value chain. The rapid digital transformation of the organization at this level utilizes multiple deep-tech digital platforms, omnichannel strategies with right partnerships across varied industries and geographies.

[Karan Ahuja – COO Intraglobe]

Intraglobe COO Karan Ahuja says “When an organisation’s IT Infrastructure and business operations align through AI powered integrations and cloud automations, they can rapidly innovate and are capable of delivering better AI enabled products and services at a much faster rate than ever before”.

Lastly, It’s “We the People” who are on both sides of the digital transformation of the global economy. On one end, “people” are the enablers of futuristic digital ecosystem initiative with their thought leadership, ideas and strategies, and on the other, “people” are the consumers of the delightful AI powered digital innovations and experiences.

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