Sky Intelligent selected to license the Shell trademark for Electrical Vehicle Charger Collection

September 29 09:56 2021
Sky Intelligent selected to license the Shell trademark for Electrical Vehicle Charger Collection
As of 2020, nearly 1.8 million EVs (Electric Vehicle) were registered in the US, more than three times as many as in 2016, with an estimated 27.5% CAGR till 2027

Founded in 1979, TenPao Group (HK stock code 1979) is one of the leading manufacturers of power supplies while providing best-in-class power-related products and solutions. From traditional transformers to switching mode power supplies (SMPS), Tenpao serves global brands from North America, Europe, and Asia, including Japan.    

With the increasing demand for sustainable, cleaner energy, Sky Intelligent was set up to market and distribute Shell brands under the licensing program with “Shell Trademark Management BV” while under the Tenpao Group. The setup of Sky Intelligent is one of the key global strategies of Tenpao Group, which regards as one of the investments in next-generation power products.  


The electric vehicle market is skyrocketing thanks to increasing fuel prices, government subsidies as tax benefits to promote EVs vehicles, and consumer demands for sustainable products resulting from growing concerns for environmental pollution. Sky Intelligent distributes and markets Shell Energy’s range of products in the United States and Canada.

“Providing a reliable product is one of the biggest challenges to many suppliers. With over 40 years of power supply experience, Sky Intelligent has a strong and experienced R&D team focusing on high-power devices. The main difficulty in EV chargers is to provide an affordable product that is also highly reliable. Our 32/40A portable product line is market-proven while the Shell brand instills customer confidence.” – Mr. Hung Kwong Yee (Chairman, Executive Director, and Chief Executive Officer of Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited)

The EV Charger collection was designed to deliver the best charging experience on the market. Designed with the latest innovations, these chargers offer the ultimate “Fast Charging” solution – Quicker EV portable charger level 2 (32 and 40 Amps, 240V), up to 5X quicker than Level 1 original car charger. In addition, the EV collection was engineered for safety with S-Protech Safety Technology. The signature S-Protech safety technology provides overheating protection, over-voltage protection, over-current, leakage protection, and lightning-proof, a unique auto-cutoff system built with a flame-resistant ABS plastic, IP67 waterproof rating, the control box, and EV connector guarantees the EV is charging safe.

“Our Shell EV portable charger line offers 32A, and 40A rated current for all types of electric vehicles. A fully automatic charging protocol detects outlet voltage while maximizing the input current of vehicles. Shell portable EV chargers are a convenient solution for all EV drivers as it applies to most 32-40A AC sockets. Shell portable EV charger is a standard charging device for all types of electric vehicles with the highest level of safety, convenience, and sustainable energy supply.” – Ms. Christine Tse (Chief Operation Officer of Sky Intelligent Investment Limited)

Sky Intelligent Limited has partnered with Shell to bring a full line of charging products to the market to meet growing demand. Shell supports clean energy innovations, including renewable energy and clean-tech, new fuels for transport, smart mobility, and digital products to offer clean energy solutions. These products support renewable power generation, including wind and solar, innovations in distributed energy solutions, and novel storage solutions for renewable energy.

Sky Intelligent shares worldwide concerns over global warming. It has been set up to offer quality products that support sustainable living. They offer a full range of energy products that provide the safest and most reliable charging options for customers, including a collection of practical, high-functioned, and well-designed electric inventions covering all sorts of daily needs, ranging from driving to indoor and outdoor applications. The EV Charger line is further proof of their commitment to a greener environment.

About Sky Intelligent Limited

As the licensee of Shell, Sky Intelligent Limited provides a collection of practical, high-functioning, and well-designed electric inventions covering all sorts of daily needs, ranging from driving to indoor and outdoor applications. Branded by renowned energy leader Shell – these products bring the best experience in driving cleaner and more powerful via innovative designs, including Shell car chargers, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, power bank, quick-charge car chargers, and portable power stations:

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