Kelsie Michaud is empowering women with the exact steps they need to take to stop emotional overeating and start living a life of food freedom

September 29 09:02 2021

Kelsie Michaud, Founder and CEO of Kelsie Michaud Coaching, is offering 1:1 private coaching, Mastermind and group coaching to help women who suffer from emotional overeating so they can make peace with food and find love for their bodies. 

Westerly, Rhode Island – Kelsie Michaud has been a certified Health and Life Coach for over 4 years and has been researching and implementing a healthy lifestyle free from dieting and emotional eating. She has healed herself from an eating disorder and yo-yo dieting and has been incorporating an intuitive eating approach for over 5 years. She started her own wellness business after healing herself as well as family members who struggled with chronic health conditions. As a health and life coach, Kelsie has transformed many lives by helping women transform their mindset, gain confidence, listen to their body and create food freedom. 

Kelsie has worked with women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who struggle with hormone imbalance, weight gain/loss, emotional eating, diabetes and hypothyroidism. After completing her 90-day protocol, a woman reduced her insulin and blood pressure medication, and lost15lbs. Another woman lost 20lbs and no longer has an eating disorder. Kelsie also works with busy women who struggle with knowing how to incorporate healthy habits specific to their needs. One woman in her 50’s had been over weight and on thyroid medication for over 20 years and was able to lose 30lbs and reduce her medication by half.                                 

Currently, Kelsie Michaud has helped many women achieve food freedom and make peace with their bodies. She motivates her clients to master the habits of mindset so they are better able to achieve their health and weight loss goals.

In her words: “My calling is to help others recognize how their past history has influenced their relationship with food so they can have a better understanding of how to heal.” She deeply aligns the body and mind to optimize true healing and habit change. Breaking free from the restriction of dieting and feeling the freedom of a new way of being. Kelsie helps women who feel stuck in their health and weight loss journey to navigate their way to a life they love.

Kelsie Michaud has spent many years as a yo-yo dieter with significant food restriction. She feared food, the scale and overexercised to compensate. Fortunately, she was able break free of the restrictive pattern and focus on a healthy weight for her body. Her healing journey motivated her to empower other women who are struggling to love themselves and break free of this vicious cycle. Kelsie Michaud is extremely passionate about helping her clients to eliminate food as their primary pattern of coping. She will guide you step by step on how to finally make peace with food and start living the life you crave.

Currently, Kelsie Michaud is offering several ways to work together depending on the client’s health and weight goals. She is empowering women from all over to tap into their innate wisdom so they can address the feelings behind their hunger and implement a new plan of action that creates results in line with their goals. 

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