Business Startup Consultants in India Arete Ventures Assists Startups, SMBs and Venture Capital Firms in USA and Asia Scale Fast Across the Globe

September 29 08:47 2021
Arete Ventures helps startups, small business and venture capital firms by addressing pain points and bottlenecks to growth. It identifies startups for investments and competitive growth strategies for a profitable venture. This small business consultant has the global operational experience that its clients leverage for financial profits.

According to announcements released by Arete Ventures and Gaurav Shah, this firm is among the top business startup consultants in India, with clients in America, Europe, Asia Pacific and India. Its services cover strategy consulting to private equity & venture capital firms for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), performance improvement, while to startups & small businesses in areas of pitch deck, term sheets, growth and business management.

Unlike other consulting firms that lack the practical expertise to help SMBs, this firm possesses the know-how and desire to help small businesses debut in their selected niches and increase business outreach with as few false steps as possible. 

Understanding how globalization and tech innovations can be leveraged to help clients enables it to boost growth while simultaneously managing business efficiencies. Its all-encompassing strategy for clients includes access to intellectual property, digital transformation, social media and pricing strategy, cash flow, and working capital management. 

​Customers benefit from a strong brand positioning in the target markets that helps them break the ice with consumers, stand out from the competitors, and ultimately lower the risks of ambitious marketing plans because the groundwork has already been done. 

Decades of experience in global commerce, and a keen insight into local variables that influence entries and exits into and from regional markets, this startup advisor India has demonstrated and proven capabilities to assist clients in the end-to-end execution of meeting clearly defined deliverables. 

Arete Ventures guides foreign companies into the lucrative Indian market with its huge opportunities in fintech, edtech, chemicals, energy, biofuels, renewable energy, IT, FMCG, and others. It shares robust and optimized business entry strategies that provide the best chance for quickly gaining traction and growing in this vast market. Arete Ventures delivers quantifiable results from a prudent approach with actionable risk mitigation plans for clients from the USA and Europe. 

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Gaurav Shah of Arete Ventures said, “Arete Ventures is proud of its successful experience scaling startups and enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives. Our custom curated strategies for startups and small businesses not only stem from our business and operational expertise but also incorporates our rich experience in improving the IRR of portfolio investments for VC and PE firms. This rare and invaluable expertise helps our startup clients grow a profitable business that would appeal to investors at various stages of fundraising or planned exit strategies.

We are recognized as one of the best business startup consultants in the San Francisco bay area owing to our boutique research and subject matter expertise. For over a decade, we have consulted startups and venture capital firms in emerging sectors like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, Renewable Energy, CleanTech, FinTech, EdTech, AgriTech, FMCG, and Life Sciences.

Our consulting services have assisted numerous startups and small businesses as well. As one of India and California’s best startup consulting firms, we enable startup entrepreneurs with boutique business strategies to scale up their innovative ideas. From creating competitive growth strategies, validating business models, financial planning & budgeting to achieving valuation milestones and exit strategies, our expertise runs deep across emerging and conventional industry sectors.”

About the Company:

Arete Ventures has 15+ years of successful Silicon Valley startup experience, scaling businesses globally, intellectual property strategy, as a jury member for venture capital firms, mentor at accelerators & incubators in the US, EU & APAC, experience in raising VC and PE capital, and planned exit strategies. It has helped SMBs get started, scale, and achieve objectives while navigating hurdles.

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