Creative Biolabs PROTAC Solutions for the Fast Development of Novel Protein Degradation Therapy

September 28 22:22 2021
Creative Biolabs has a professional scientist team dedicated to the research and development of PROTAC-based therapy, which provides the entire one-stop PROTAC-based drug development services from early discovery to pre-clinical evaluation.

New York, USA – September 28, 2021 – Traditional drug development focuses on treating diseases by directly altering the activity of proteins or enzymes. PROTAC is a technique developed in 2001 that leverages the ubiquitin-proteasome system in the cell to eliminate the particular oncogenic proteins using the cell’s own protein degradation mechanism, which is an alternative medicine. Creative Biolabs, with expertise in target therapy and protein engineering, provides solutions to support the research on PROTAC-based drug discovery.

PROTAC Molecule Discovery

“We can generate PROTAC molecule against a particular protein of interest,” said a scientist, “which is our forte.”

All elements of PROTAC design, screening, optimization, and synthesis are covered by the molecule discovery service package that will result in the development of a highly powerful PROTAC molecule with a high degree of degradation selectivity.

* For proteins of interest, Creative Biolabs provides ligand design services as well as ligand products.

* A comprehensive series of ligand screening services for E3 ligase, with customized design and ligand products both available, e.g., ligand for VHL-based PROTAC.

* Linker products and linker optimization services are available to help achieve maximized ubiquitination of the target protein and its degradation.

* Structure modification or “mix and match” of varied linker-E3 ligase moiety combinations with particular target protein ligand to improve cell permeability and degradation selectivity of the PROTAC molecule.

* Various options of synthesis platform, format, modification, and purity level are offered for peptide/compound synthesis.

PROTAC In Vitro Evaluation

The scientists will undertake a variety of in vitro assays from administration to intracellular target degradation to evaluate the efficacy of PROTACs during the drug development stage prior to pre-clinical trials.

PROTAC In Vivo Assessment

In experimental animals, Creative Biolabs conducts in vivo animal tests to determine the toxicity and ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) of PROTACs.

“We are committed to serving customers with PROTAC projects to encourage the growth of PROTAC therapeutic area.”

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Creative Biolabs has achieved significant progress in the field of proteolysis targeting chimeric molecule (PROTAC) and is in a leading position worldwide owing to the unwavering efforts of the research team in pursuit of perfection. Creative Biolabs’ services provide a variety of modules that address every phase of PROTAC development, from ligand discovery to biological testing. To get the best results, the one-stop service package is proposed, which offers unbeatable value and will handle clients’ research projects from start to finish.

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