Hailing from Spain, Rick Baster produces and sells universe-inspired artwork

September 27 14:47 2021
Hailing from Spain, Rick Baster produces and sells universe-inspired artwork
Rick Baster has recently been working on exclusive artwork. He has painted three universe-inspired oil paintings that he wants to sell on Opensea to creative people like himself.

Barcelona, Spain – As an artist, Rick Baster has recently painted 3 oil paintings named: “Planet Violet”, “Dark Mess”, and “Geode” and these paintings are for sale on Opensea. Rick took the universe as an inspiration for his paintings. Rick has utilized the pandemic to feed his creative mind. During the pandemic, he worked on some of his most beloved pieces; which are now up for sale. Rick is also active on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. He is always up for a chat and his inbox is open for DMs.

Rick Baster is a man of creativity, and as a creative person, he takes his inspiration from a number of things. He sees art and creativity in whatever movie he watches, the song he hears, the books that he reads, the food that he cooks, or the places that he travels, and many other things. Whatever he does or sees, Rick takes inspiration from that, hence turning it into some form of art, be it a song, piece of art, or taking photos.

As far as Rick’s plans go, he states: “My plan for the future is to continue creating, to continue doing what I am passionate about, a dream for the future? have my own exhibition and serve as an inspiration for many generations.” It is creativity that thrives Rick’s mind, and he plans on continuing with his creative journey.

About Rick Baster:

Rick Baster is a 27-year-old Artist from Barcelona, Spain. Rick Baster is a name that can’t be fit in a single title. He is an artist that sings, does paint, takes photos, composes and produces music, cooks food, loves to travel, and more. Rick also released an exclusive song on a streaming platform, “Intro”. This song gained him over 20,000 views in just a few months, landing him a place in the top 200 of Apple South Africa.

Twitter: twitter.com/ricbaster 

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