Dr Plant launches in the COSME flagship store

September 24 17:16 2021

From strategic layout to market research, from brand building to channel maintenance, the overseas expansion of a brand has always been a road paved with important and difficult decisions to make. Wanting to go overseas to earn “foreign” money, but also worrying about the difficulty of matching the market and consumer groups has become the biggest headache for most brands when planning to expand into the international market. In the tide of brands going overseas, Dr Plant uses the strategy of combining Chinese and foreign technological innovations to expand into overseas markets and continuously gain the trust and confidence in Chinese brands of consumers at home and abroad. With the recent arrival of Dr Plant in the flagship store of COSME, the largest cosmetics specialty store in Tokyo, Japan, the brand’s international influence continues to increase, demonstrating the powerful strength of Chinese cosmetics brands to the world.

Dr Plant launched in the COSME flagship store, Tokyo’s largest cosmetics specialty store 

When entering the international market, Dr Plant chose to open a single-brand store to emphasize the brand image. After extensive market research, Dr Plant entered the Shinsaibashi Commercial Center in Osaka, Japan, on April 28, 2019, and officially opened the first overseas Dr Plant flagship store, taking the first step in the internationalization of the brand. This first single-brand store in Japan proved to be successful and showcased the huge potential for development of the brand in overseas markets. Since then, Dr Plant has continued to open single-brand stores to expand in the international market. The brand has so far successfully opened 8 specialty stores in Japan and 2 specialty stores in Hong Kong, China, spreading the awareness of the skincare effects of alpine plants. At present, there are worldwide more than 4,200 Dr Plant single-brand stores with more than 12 million brand members, making Dr Plant an industry-leading beauty brand. This shows that the brand’s alpine plant skin care concept has been able to get deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Dr Plant store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan 

In the view of Dr Plant, the development of physical stores is inseparable from the offering of high-quality products, and high-quality products are in turn the key to winning the acceptance of the market. As pioneer in the field of alpine plant skin care products, Dr Plant has adopted the philosophy of using the benefits of “alpine plants for pure skin beauty” and is committed to providing Asian skin care products that are most suitable for the Asian skin. In 2014, Dr Plant and the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the “Dr Plant R&D Center”, strategically deploying four major R&D bases: the Kunming Plant Skin Care R&D Laboratory, the Beijing Asia-Pacific Institute of Dermatology, the Tokyo Hanfang Skin Care Research Center, Japan, and the Guangdong Formulation and Clinical Research Team. These four bases continue to fortify the scientific research strength of the brand.

Dr Plant Hanfang Skin Care Science Research Center, Tokyo, Japan 

As pioneer in the field of alpine plant skin care products, Dr Plant has from the very beginning adopted brand internationalization as its own development strategy. While promoting the philosophy that “Asian people should use skin care products suitable for Asian people” to the whole country, the brand has been able to gradually spread all over Asia and even to the rest of the world. The recent launch in the COSME flagship store is another demonstration of the strength of Dr Plant as an international brand. In the future, Dr Plant is planning to further expand in the offline market, to strengthen the brand positioning with single-brand stores, and to continue to move towards the vision of “Letting the world fall in love with Chinese cosmetics”.

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