Stoga Pink has introduced Panda Joypad Controller Switch for female gamers.

September 10 23:17 2021
Stoga Pink is a women-centric online retail store that has is offering wireless controller switch in the feminist color pink.

USA – 10th September, 2021 – Stoga Pink was created after thorough research into the needs and wants of today’s women shoppers. Stoga Pink’s layout, design, and products are developed taking inspiration from women and aim to ignite the feelings of joy, happiness, and success in them. It wants to make their life easier and better through its products. It also welcomes ideas from its shoppers to help them design their own product, taking only a minimal commission.

An interesting aspect of Stoga is that it has the color pink not only on its layout and design but also on its products. Stoga aims to celebrate the love of women for the color pink, destigmatizing the unhealthy obsession society perceives women have. Pink is the color of love, affection, and creativity and it promotes a calming effect.

A rise in female gamers have been observed in recent years, around 41% of females in the United States and 47% of females in Europe regularly play video games. They play for entertainment, and competition, to challenge themselves, enjoy and feel a sense of achievement.  Seeing the rise in female gamers where Stoga Pink operates, it has introduced a new wireless controller for switch specifically designed for women to enhance their gaming experience.

Panda Joypad Controller Switch is very easy to use, master, and has a stable connection. It has a programmable macro button (M) that combines the functions of various buttons into one button M to provide quick response time to keep up with your gaming speed. It has motion control functions to precisely control speed, position, and movement. Panda Joypad Controller Switch is compatible with both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite so you can enjoy Nintendo games with your friends collectively.

This pink panda-inspired wireless controller switch has exciting features, it is easy to hold and grip, and is the body is made of a scratch-resistant material for long-lasting usage. It is currently available on Stoga Pink website with a 20% discount on the original price.

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