Grow and Thrive – Robert Lee Barber’s Newly Released Book is the Ultimate Resource for Success Strategies

February 02 20:58 2021

Waitsfield, VT, USA – February 2, 2021 – Coach, speaker and business expert Robert Lee Barber has now released his latest book, CEO for Life: Gain Full Control of Your Life and Your Business Forever. The book sheds light on the CEO mindset and how it needs to be adapted in every field of life for a person to get rid of their blocks and find sustainable success. The author, by sharing personal development, growth, motivation and business ideation strategies, helps readers deal with and overcome life challenges that may seem too hard or unfamiliar.

CEO for Life not only talks about the CEO mindset in the long run, but also highlights the meaningful impact it can have when deployed outside of a business setting. The CEO mindset starts with taking responsibility for one’s actions and understanding that said actions have a vast impact that touches many people, much like how the actions of a CEO impact an entire organization. From there on, it is a matter for ‘firing’ the people who bring one down and ‘hiring’ those people who are positive and supportive. Barber created the CEO mindset for himself thirteen years ago when he was at a turning point in his life and had an epiphany on how to make things better and start thriving. Constantly honing his success strategies, his multiple decades’ worth of work has culminated in this book, which packs significant insight and advice to start a transformative experience for readers.

Robert Lee Barber is a Certified High-Performance Business Coach with a passion to spread his unique techniques to a large demographic of people. His MBA and electric engineering degrees imbued him with both technical wherewithal and intuitive decision making that helped him not only find personal success but make it a possibility for other individuals and organizations as well. In the new book, he has shared the most practical tools anyone can use to catapult themselves into a new era of their life, which is full of success and fulfillment.

Being a serial entrepreneur, Barber brought many business ideas to fruition and then turned them into profitable companies. In 2018 alone, he helped generate a total of $917 million USD in pure sales. His passion for business pertains to a human level, which means he values interpersonal connections and personal development as key tools for success.

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