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Sound Sleep Cuts Down Risk of Heart Disease, Says Study

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Sound Sleep Cuts Down Risk of Heart Disease, Says Study

September 15
17:06 2014

sleepNew Delhi, Monday, September 15 – Haven’t you been sleeping as a minimum of 6 to 8 hours on a daily basis? If pat reply comes at a ‘yes’ then you might be at risk. According to a latest study, people who do not keep in mind the importance of having sound sleep at the end of the day may lose concentration and show symptoms of getting irritated even over smaller issues as compared to those who have it.

Undisturbed sleep in one go is crucial for keeping the health risks like heart attack, heart failure and irregular heartbeat at the bay. Apart from these problems, people with lack of sleep generally stand on the verge of witnessing stroke at a young age, high blood pressure and diabetes as well. Not only grown-ups but also children are facing huge trouble in having a quality sleep and this is due to change in food habits and lifestyle.

Since people are eating more of junk food and drinks having caffeine than the healthy stuffs at the present, they are facing sleeping disorders. Too much use of smartphones during bedtime is the reason why they reach work place with half of the energy which further leads to accomplish different tasks with 50 percent of attention. The power nap is vital as it makes people wake up with extreme freshness and full of enthusiasm, the study added further.

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