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Save Environment to Steer Clear of Natural Hazards

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Save Environment to Steer Clear of Natural Hazards

September 12
16:05 2014

flood1New Delhi, Friday, September 12 – Disturbing nature seems to be affecting life of human beings in the worst ways at the present. People in different parts of the world are not able to read unpredictable weather, which turns freezing, hotter and moist any time without showing an early sign for the same a moment ago. Problems of flood, surging of storm and tsunamis keep making them stay worried. If current situation of India is to be jotted down then in the past couple of years, hundreds of people lost their lives and many went missing in Uttarakhand tragedy and floods in Jammu & Kashmir.

Those who survived are not able to forget the horrendous picture when water took away several inhabitants, who were struggling to get something to grip and stay above the water level. But they failed since flow was stronger. Continuous rain in both the cases hit the final nail in the coffin, ending up all their hopes to defeat the death. Situation is J&K is surely gonna take more than expected time to stabilize as residents are not able to eat and drink well. To manage milk and clean water is the biggest issue for the families having smaller kids. Most of the children are surviving on local crops, which are not to easy to digest.

Cooking meals at home has turned next to impossible for the populace, who use coal and wood for preparation of the food. Hats off to army personnel for their brave rescue work which made stranded crowd believe that things are not over yet. Hadn’t they been always ready to save life of the citizens whom they probably saw for the first time, it wouldn’t have gotten easy to evacuate ailing men, women and kids. They reason why India, along with many other nations, are facing such natural calamities are human’s attempt to spoil nature. The price what people are going to pay for cutting of the trees & plants to widen more space for constructing multi-storey buildings is beyond their imagination. Green covers are apparent only in few states. Planting of trees is important as they get good grip into the soil and stop it to wipe away even during heavy downpour. If there will be no or less trees, it is foolish to expect that flood-like situation wouldn’t be observed.

Excess of anything is bad and this is prominently visible in the current scenario. Polluted atmosphere, having harmful gases emitted by vehicles, is adding to the problem. Before it gets too late and situation goes out of control, it would be better to wake up and contribute in making the environment healthy and full of shrubs and trees. Nature is to be prevented and shouldn’t be harmed in any case otherwise outcomes in the near future would be horrible.

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