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Floods in Jammu and Kashmir Affect Hundreds of Thousands; Create Massive Trouble for the Masses

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Floods in Jammu and Kashmir Affect Hundreds of Thousands; Create Massive Trouble for the Masses

September 09
14:33 2014

floodJammu and Kashmir, Tuesday, September 9 – People in flood-ridden Jammu and Kashmir are facing huge trouble in this day and age. Water is seen all around, causing problem for them in innumerable manners. Hundreds of thousands are being marooned as most of regions have been inundated. Devotees who had gone for Vaishno Devi yatra were sent back from Baan Ganga to Katra.

The current situation is troublesome for a number of inhabitants, who are looking forward to live a normal life as they are left with no option other than to search for a safer place to reside at least for some time from now. Since buildings are submerged in water, it can easily be comprehended how tough survival has become for the residents. To meet family needs is turning out to be a difficult task as only a few shopkeepers are able to gather courage and sell indispensable household stuffs to the consumers.

The level of complexity has increased for the patients who are suffering from different diseases. Taking them to the doctors is a bigger challenge for their families as streets are flooded completely. More rain in the state can add to the worries of the mob. Confronting worst flood in almost six decades, people in Jammu and Kashmir are making best efforts to come out of this natural disaster. The death toll is persistently getting up. Rescue operations are being carried by Indian Army, Navy and Air Force personnel, imparting pivotal role in bringing massive relief for the stranded populace.

Continuous downpour in J&K has left around 150 people dead. The key issue for affected population is to hunt for a secured locality in view of the fact that their homes have collapsed and they are remained with just essential commodities, inclusive of some clothes to keep their body warm and utensils to prepare meals. Countrymen pray for situation to stabilize as soon as possible.

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