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Dinner Two Hours Prior to Sleeping Good for Health, Says Study

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Dinner Two Hours Prior to Sleeping Good for Health, Says Study

September 22
18:24 2014

eatablesNew Delhi, Monday, September 22 – The number of patients suffering from burning sensation in the food pipe, chest or throat post finishing their meals have increased vastly in past few years. The main sufferers are office goers, who have to work in shifts. ‘The key reason behind the mounting figures is the change in body cycle’, said a recent study. ‘The people who work in night shifts take breakfast, lunch and dinner at improper time, giving a lot to their body to absorb that further fails to do so and exaggerates the symptom’, the study added.

Given that human body needs some time to properly digest the food or healthy drinks whether taken early morning, mid-day or end of the day. Populace may avoid paying heed to the stuffs eaten at different time intervals but not the dinner, which must be finished at least two hours before going to the bed. Utmost care must be given while taking the final feast given that one takes almost an hour or two to properly take it in.

Those who lie down on the bed soon after finishing the served food are more likely to face the trouble of heartburn as compared to those who don’t. The irritation in esophagus may leave sufferers annoyed. The happy mood may change to pissed off, which would be hard for others to understand and rectify. ‘Get the right treatment and guidance to get rid of the issue to lead a healthy life’, the research mentioned further.

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