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Apt Use of Spices and Herbs Add Unique Flavor to Various Cuisines

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Apt Use of Spices and Herbs Add Unique Flavor to Various Cuisines

September 26
12:00 2014

spicesNew Delhi, Friday, September 26 – Have you always been scared of using too much of spices while preparing a number of curries or vegetables? If nodding your head in a yes then it is the time to think about the valid reason for doing so. Spices are crucial elements that lift up the entire taste of various dishes. Home cooks definitely love to experiment and are always ready to give new dimension to the cuisines they prepare for family and friends. Despite the fact that a variety of dishes can be cooked with just a few seasonings, however, why not to standout amid others when it is a matter of serving lip-smacking food.

Those who believe in adding freshly grounded spice mix in different recipes become prominent and are considered good chefs. Even though excessive consumption of powdered red chillies and black pepper should be avoided as these may upset the stomach, however, right amount can perk up the entire taste of a simple dish. Before adding ready-made spices, one must be sure these are not old. The fresher one eats; the healthier he becomes. Packaged herbs and spices start losing their actual flavor with each passing day. This is the reason why our grannies always loved to grind cumin, black cardamom, turmeric, star anise, peppercorns on the batán only at the time when they were about to cook.

With huge advancement, a lot of changes have been brought into cooking technology, kitchen appliances and utensils. Some of the people think splurging on these things would end up with a quality food. Although equipments are vital for cooking food but it has nothing got to do with deliciousness. The cooks who are blessed with the talent of preparing meals with simple ingredients, have the knowledge of family recipes and skills to retain appetizing flavors what their elders taught could be huge source of inspiration for many others. Adding correct amount of herbs and spice for instance curry leaves, coriander seeds, sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg powder in pulses, rice, dry or curry veggies etc. are just adequate to give taste buds something lip-smacking to savor.

Thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil leaves, coriander leaves with stem, parsley, mint, sage, chilantro, chives are easily available in various stores. The only thing what homemakers need to do is to keep any eye on the fresh ingredients as these are imperative to give remarkable color and taste to foods. The moment one gets used to incorporate quality elements while making feast, none would be successful to beat him at any case. Several spices show magical properties and therapeutic effects for example turmeric and a mix of honey & cloves are useful to thin out irritant in throat while coughing. In the same way, every single spice has unique role in making people live a healthy life. So, instead of ignoring them completely, learn more and use as per requirement. Enjoy your food!

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